The Courtyard

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In the centre of the web, at the perfect location of cosmic time, the crossroads of the city, lies a palace. It does not look grand. It does not look like anything special; just a red house in Marrakesh. And in it is a courtyard. And inside that is a grey-faced emir, who is smiling, just smiling, sitting on the ground and smiling at a sun that washes over a city that will never die. And he smiles because he knows that utopia is possible, if one only steps, inch by inch, into their own creation.

# Welcome to the courtyard!

This here is the entrance to my digital garden, or second brain, or crazy wall, or web of near-truths, or eternal labyrinth, or whatever other visual analogy most kindly speaks the concept to you. Though there it has no walls, it tries to contain ideas as I have shaped and arranged them to my liking. Some of these paths may connect or intersect in unexpected ways, or they may not. In harmony with the digital gardening ethos, the contents are perpetually under construction to some degree.

All roads lead back to here in some way; feel free to explore and loot the knowledge as you desire.

# What is this place for?

I’ve been taking scattered notes in obsidian for quite some time now and exploring the power of bidirectional links to discover unanticipated connections between ideas. Many of these ideas I collected ended up collecting dust. I figured I would working with the garage door open and let some of that dust blow away.

# How do you navigate this site?

I’ve found the best way to navigate a digital garden is just how you’d navigate a “real” garden - by wandering from room to room based on what seems interesting. This can be done by clicking on any of the internal links throughout each page. There’s also a map of the full layout of connected links at the bottom. A benefit of digitization is that you can also directly search for pages or keywords at the top. There are also tags that you can search.

# Current tags:

# Who am I?

You can read more about me on my main site!

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