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Learning exhaust

Last updated May 11, 2022

While learning, many students will take notes and cheatsheets, which they share between their classmates. This is an example of learning exhaust. These outputs can be a great way to not only reinforce your own learning, but help others who are on the same journey. The exhaust can even circulate, helping those in the future who will eventually want to learn what you learned; the internet further enables this.

Unlike vehicle emissions, producing learning exhaust requires intentioned effort. After school, the default way to learn things is in private. Watch videos, read articles, and try stuff on your own.

learning in private = grinding skills learning in public = doing quests doing quests is more rewarding than grinding skills

Learning in private

also relates to working with the garage door open

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make the thing you wish you had found when you were learning

Wear your noobyness on your sleeve.

jump on new content and flesh it out / “pick up where it left off” (picking up a quest) / try it out + give feedback

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